Welcome to the world of Sissy Papakosta

SENSE: The ability to transmit external or internal stimuli to the brain and perceive them, combined with the release of a variety of emotions.

3D PRINTED JEWELRY: Βlack powder printed Jewels. A lightweight, flexible and, mainly, skin-friendly material. Resistant, with no absorbance of any liquid. Velvet look, unprecedented texture.

SISSY PAPAKOSTAArchitecture occupies the largest part of my professional life. It’s art and science at the same time.

My desire to design was what prompted me to study and work as an Architect Engineer. Through this process, I was initiated to the world of architecture and assimilated its principles. As a result, I found out that the success of a project is a complex process. It is a combination of design and materials, technology as well as presentation.

This is exactly what I want to introduce to the world of jewelry art. Impressive design, innovative materials and modern technologies, through a sensational presentation!


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