Return policy

Change and return policy


Each piece of jewelry that is printed, is carefully checked by a specialist and after it is found that it meets the required manufacturing conditions, it is packed in special, protective boxes, so that it can be sold. If the goods you received are not satisfied for some reason, you should post your request on the home page “contact us” within 3 days of receiving the product and the company will contact you.

Change in jewelry by the customer is made within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product. Return is free. The return will be accepted only when the jewelry is in its original form (in the box, it bears its cards and insignia as well as the receipt – proof of purchase). The 2nd shipment of the product costs € 5.00 and is charged by the customer. The return process will be done only with the same express shipping with which the product was sent for the first time. If there is a price difference on the second product you chose in relation to the one you bought the first time, this amount will be paid either by deposit in our account or by cash on delivery. In any case, the product will be returned by the customer within 14 days and then the jewelry will be sent by the company for replacement.

Returns for no reason are not accepted.

Wrong Shipments


If the goods you received do not match the product of your order you must enter your request on the home page “contact us” within 3 days of receipt of the product. Then you must send it within the next 14 days. In this case there is no customer charge for the replacement. If for any reason you wish to return the product you bought and you are not interested in replacing it with another one, you should enter the return request on the “contact us” home page stating the reason for the cancellation. The request must be registered within 3 days and the shipment must be made within the next 14 days from the approval of the request. Once the return is made and it is determined that the product has not been used, you will be refunded. The products and the packaging must be in excellent condition and must be accompanied by all the accompanying documents: Retail receipt and other accessories such as labels – insignia inside the box, etc.